A non-stock, non-profit corporation, the school is operated by an Executive Director and staff. The school has a Board of Directors comprised of parents of children enrolled in the school and community members. Currently, the school is supported by tuition, before and after school program revenue, selected fundraising events and donations from foundations and corporate supporters.

Executive Director
Bill Walsh
Assistant Director
Michelle Krauska
Campus Coordinator
Kate Drehmel
Staffing Coordinator
Kim Heyer
Integrated Technical Support
Lauren Huyke
Closing Receptionist
Alyssa Heyer
Pre-Children’s House
Tina Visvardis
Tory Koetterhagen
Melissa Backhaus
Children’s House 1
Jenny Steiner
Bethany Mueller
Children’s House 2
Linda Loomis
Dawn Scarce
Children’s House 3
Carol Luterbach
Children’s House 5
Karen Driscoll
Melissa Mrozinski
Children’s House 6
Brenda Zellmer
Amy Alcala
Lower Elementary 1
Mary Polk
Gina Maas
Lower Elementary 2
Sharon Tobolski
Molly Vermiglio
Melissa Pallin
Lower Elementary 3
Emily Walsh
Emily Mehlhorn
Upper Elementary/Middle School
Brian Bednarek
Abbey Blunck
Kelly Schmitt
Amanda Rowley
Foreign Language
Veronica Davis-Quiroz
Gym and After School
Mike Richter
Lygia Topolovec